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POLAGRA-PREMIERY. World premieres on the Polish market!

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Benedykt Kotkiewicz | 2016-01-07 10:05:40
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The sixth edition of the POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization is ahead of us. Thanks to our experience in organising events for the agricultural sector paired with extensive logistic facilities, the event, which will be held in Poznan on 21-24 January 2016, will be remembered as a place for taking key investment decisions in the area of professional maintenance of agricultural activity.

The POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization, due to its grand scale, a rich program of events and extensive exhibition area, is prepared well in advance. The organisation of the only meeting for the agricultural industry in our country oriented to the presentation of market premieres, requires great commitment, knowledge and professionalism. The success of the fair, however, does not depend only on the scale of efforts taken by the organisational team, but also its cooperation with the major associations, trade media and leading suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.


The biggest event in the agricultural sector

The POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization is the biggest business meeting for the agricultural sector in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. This is evidenced by its exhibition area, which during the last edition covered approx. 50,000 m2, the number of exhibitors reaching nearly 360 and visitors – 42,000 people. Next year's feast for farmers promises to be equally spectacular. – The next edition of the trade fair will be located in 13 halls. So it will take almost the entire surface of MTP fairgrounds – stresses Jakub Patelka, Project Director.


Discover premieres just before the season

The good name of POLAGRA-PREMIERY is primarily due to the specific nature of the Fair, which has consistently pursued the idea of presenting innovative agricultural machinery before the agricultural season. – Not without reason is POLAGRA-PREMIERY held only three months after the world's largest agricultural technology exhibition – Agritechnica in Hanover – says Jakub Patelka.
– The date of the fair is ideal to introduce new products on the Polish market – he adds. The impressive reputation of the Fair is also the result of extremely dynamic development which occurred
in the last few years. – We move with the times and the needs of the market. To meet growing expectations of the agricultural industry during the last edition a wide range of machinery was complemented by the livestock sector. This is a very important sector of agricultural production, which enriched the exhibition in one of the most state-of-the-art halls. Therefore, in 2016, the Fair will coincide with the Animal Breeding Exhibition presenting the most innovative solutions for animal husbandry and industry conferences at the European level. We are planning a complete overview of fodder wagons and livestock housing equipment – he continues.


Large-calibre machinery

POLAGRA-PREMIERY is the most comprehensive offer for the agricultural sector. The core of the event are large calibre machines like tractors, harvesters, ploughs, harrows, planters, seeders, tillage units, sprayers, spreaders and equipment used for transport. We also welcome companies offering spare parts, accessories, supplies and equipment for livestock buildings or seeds. A rich and extremely representative offer will be available to farm owners, enthusiasts, breeders, owners of agricultural land, or persons thirsty technological innovations who will visit Poznan in crowds.

During the next year's edition of the Fair, we are continuing the innovative formula for the prestigious award – MTP Gold Medal. All exhibitors are encouraged to
participate in the competition. This award is very recognisable in the market and emphasises innovation and high quality of products or services, which are widely promoted in the media a month before the Fair.


Visitors – top decision-makers

POLAGRA-PREMIERY is a business-oriented event. In 2016, the proven formula of the Fair will be continued. The first two days are dedicated to traders, while the remaining – to farmers with children and the general public. – The Fair is guided by one overriding objective. It is to attract to Poznan professionals from the agricultural sector, top- and mid-level decision-makers, both from Poland and Europe, who will make decisions on the establishment of long-term business relations – explains Jakub Patelka. – The success of the exhibitors is our top priority. Therefore, we focus our activities on extensive promotion of the event in foreign markets. The promotional message will go to Russia, Germany, France, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus. We hope that the event will be visited by representatives of cooperative farms, distributors of agricultural equipment and agricultural producer groups – he points out. A wide range of marketing activities will also be carried out in our country. All these efforts are to create favourable conditions to enable guests from Poland and abroad, who will meet with the leaders of the market and smaller suppliers of solutions for agricultural operations, to make decisions allowing them to meet their needs.


AGRO VIP NIGHT, package stands

AGRO VIP NIGHT – a very luxurious evening, which proved to be a great success, was attended by owners of the largest and most modern farms as well as prominent leaders. The prestigious gala, which was held during the Fair in 2012, and numerous presentations of equipment and agricultural machinery aroused great interest. Therefore, it will also be a highlight of the event
during next year's edition.

During the sixth edition of POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization, exhibitors, for the first time, can book furnished exhibition space of 6, 9, 12 and 50 m2. The package stands will be situated in rows and in corners.

It should be emphasised here that the promotion of the POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization is supported by TVP1, which is the media patron of the most important event in the calendar of exhibition events for the agricultural industry.

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