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Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Tatjana Tyszkiewicz | 2016-03-23 08:22:14
czech republic, agriculture

On the sidelines of the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council of Ministers (AGRIFISH) which was held on 14 March in Brussels, Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel met with the Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Marian Jurečka. Their meeting was devoted to discussing bilateral cooperation and cooperation within the Visegrad Group, in connection with the fact that on 1 July 2016 Poland is taking over the annual Presidency of this grouping from the Czech Republic.

In discussing existing cooperation with the Czech Republic, Minister Jurgiel pointed to a need to present, at the AGRIFISH Council meetings, decisive positions with the purpose of seeking the best solutions for our farmers. The Minister also thanked for organising a seminar of the Polish and Czech inspection services, which was held in Ostrava in November 2015, stressing that such meetings allowed to exchange knowledge and experience, which was in the interest of European consumers.

During the meeting, Minister Jurgiel presented the major priorities of the Polish presidency of the Visegrad Group:

  • review of the Common Agricultural Policy in 2016 and preparing for the CAP programming after 2020,
  • actions supporting food quality and safety,
  • effective response to crisis situations in agricultural markets,
  • promotion of European food,
  • research and innovation in the field of agriculture.

Thanking Minister Jurgiel for his activity during the AGRIFISH Council with regard to the current difficult situation in agricultural markets, Minister Jurečka informed that most of the proposals presented by Poland and regarding actions in the milk and pork markets was consistent with the Czech approach. Moreover, in the context of coupled payments, he opted for increasing the maximum possible use of the financial envelope under the CAP direct payment system, from the current level of 13% + 2% to the level of 20%. That proposal has been positively rated by Minister Jurgiel, who informed that he would make that postulate during the upcoming CAP review. In addition, with regard to the review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 and the favourable opinion of the Rapporteur of the European Parliament Committee for Agriculture regarding the possibility of increasing the budget for heading 2 (CAP) in the current financial perspective, Minister Jurgiel appealed for solidarity of the ministers of agriculture in striving for those issues.

Answering the question about the current situation in Poland in connection with ASF, the head of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture informed that Poland implemented extensive biosecurity measures which effectively protected against the spread of that disease. He stressed that territorially it occurred only in 10% of the area of one voivodeship.

Both Ministers unanimously expressed their readiness for further meaningful cooperation, beneficial for both parties and for the entire region.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development