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Meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Benedykt Kotkiewicz | 2016-03-24 09:17:32
agriculture, agriculture market, milk, pork

In connection with the difficult situation in the agricultural markets (mainly those of milk and pork), on 14 March the Dutch Presidency presented proposals of actions (based on the Member States proposals submitted to the EC in February), which should be launched in order to improve the situation.


During the discussion, the Member States pointed to a need to take urgent action. The Member States, including, inter alia, Poland, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Finland, Italy and Croatia pointed to a need to continue the discussion as soon as possible, rather than to postpone it until the AGRIFISH Council meeting in June 2016, as proposed by the Presidency.

The request to the EC and the Council to take immediate actions was also postulated by Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel: “Concrete decisions with regard to stabilising the agricultural markets are needed today and we should not postpone them to an undefinite date.

I appreciate the work of Commissioner Hogan as regards searching for and opening new outlet markets for European agricultural products.

The situation in the milk and pork markets is difficult. The treaty objective of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) i.e. stabilisation of agricultural markets, as referred to in Article 39(1)(c) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, is not implemented. Therefore, the review of the CAP, as announced by the Commission, should take into account a need to introduce tools/instruments aimed at stabilising the markets in the face of the long-lasting crisis.

The package of instruments adopted in 2013 does not fully respond to the current crisis situation. In connection with that, I appeal to the Commission and the Council to join, respectively, by the end of 2016, the review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework and to review the CAP.

In addition, I would like to mention – as may be seen from the current market situation – not fully right decisions with regard to the abolition of milk quotas, and, in the future (in 2017), maybe also of sugar quotes.

According to a document submitted for discussion by the Dutch Presidency, Poland reports the following issues:

  • Firstly – reintroduction of temporary targeted direct support for milk and pork producers. If the resources from the general budget cannot be used, then launching an emergency reserve should be considered.
  • Secondly – increasing the intervention prices for butter and milk powder.
  • Thirdly – launching the export subsidies for pork. I would like to ask the Commission to consider the return to debate on launching this mechanism, because it may solve the problems in the pork market.
  • Fourthly – increasing de minimis aid per one holding and increasing the general limits for the Member States.
  • Fifthly – I support the extension of the functioning of the extraordinary support mechanism for the fruit and vegetables market by one year. I would like to thank the Commission for the positive consideration of this request. At the same time, I am asking for considering covering, with this level of support, also those producers who are not associated as part of fruit and vegetable producer organisations.
  • Sixthly – I support the Estonian proposal regarding ASF and moreover, I would like to postulate for granting extraordinary support measures pursuant to Article 220(1)(a) of the Regulation of the EP and the Council No 1308/2013 with regard to the enlargement of the zone covered by the veterinary restrictions due to ASF, despite the lack of justification by the epizootic situation.
  • Seventhly – great facilitation for the farmers would be to extend, by one month, the possibility of submitting applications for direct payments and a significant help, in the face of the market crisis, would be, just like in the previous year, to accelerate payments of advances as part of direct payments with an increase in the threshold to 75% and extending the deadline by the end of August.
  • Eighthly – we postulate that as a source for funding actions aimed at improving the market situation, the resources from the general budget should be considered and, if it is not possible, the reserve emergency.
  • Ninthly – we are against the abolition of the anti-dumping duties on fertilisers because it will result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the fertiliser industry in Europe, and in particular in Poland.
  • Tenthly – for Poland, it is unacceptable to postpone the discussion on the difficult situation in agricultural markets until the AGRIFISH Council meeting in June, in accordance with the proposal presented by the Presidency.

In addition, I would like to ask the Presidency and the Commission: When the decisions made on the stabilisation of agricultural markets will be implemented?”

In response to the Member States requests, the Presidency presented its conclusions regarding proposals of actions aimed at improving the market situation.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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