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Saule Tech and PAIiIZ new strategy supporting innovators

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Benedykt Kotkiewicz | 2016-03-29 08:57:17
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PAIiIZ has started to cooperate with one of the most innovative companies in Poland - Saule Technologies - the Polish start-up working on commercial use of newly invented perovskites in the production of photovoltaic cells. The Agency is the first public partner supporting Saule Tech in their global expansion offering a unique promotion tool specially prepared by PAIiIZ to this company.

This is the landmark in collaboration between PAIiIZ with Polish companies interested in entering foreign market. Since now, the Agency will be focused on providing export support mostly to Polish star-ups and innovative companies that can offer already develop technology a high-tech product that can be effectively commercialised on foreign markets. “We would like to collect Polish techno stars in PAIiIZ portfolio”, commented Michał Dąbrowski , deputy president of the Agency. ” PAIiIZ will support such companies offering a tailor-made linkage between selected foreign markets and specially chosen investors”, Dąbrowski added.

The first company that will benefit from the new PAIiIZ strategy is Saule Technologies. This is a start-up created by young Polish scientist and inventor Olga Malinkiewicz, who has contributed to the development of low-temperature technology of flexible perovskite-based photovoltaic cells production. For her discovery Malinkiewicz was granted the Photonics21 award by the European Commission. Just few days ago, her company has presented the first prototype of the photovoltaic module based on perovskites. It was a charger cell which can power devices like smartphones. Saule Technologies provides business talks with companies operating in industry, infrastructure and communication sectors to commercialize its technology.


Saute Technologies is a very valuable partner for PAIiIZ. I would be surprised if the technology developed in its labs went through the Nobel Prize. says Michał Dąbrowski.


Source: PAIiIZ

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