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Inverter Volt 3 kW up to 40 kW- Polish technical thought

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Grazyna Kocikowska

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Description of the contract

The inverter was built for small and medium-sized photovoltaic systems (up to 40 kW). Designed, easy to use with a number of Polish patents. The device 3 kW, which can consist of sets of up to 40 kW. Single Inverter Volt, is designed for continuous power of 3 kW. Volt modulates the load and the minimum voltage at which it begins to produce electricity 75 Volt. It is constructed in Poland Inverter On Grid. It has a range of innovative solutions tailored to the Polish weather conditions - it works efficiently even in cloudy weather. Inverter, allows you to monitor and control energy production. Based on Polish, innovative technical ideas about the quality of patents being acknowledged. Inverter Volt is simple and convenient to use. The system can run in the system, even without a contract prosumer, as offered wireless meter Spirvent Watt, can very quickly send a signal to the inverter by reducing power (responds within 1 second or faster). Inverter Sprivent Volt has reduced the demand for reactive power and more security than the competition.
Technical parameters :
input DC
Max. input power 3100
Max. input voltage 420 V
Nominal voltage 360 ​​V DC
Mode voltage range MPPT 50 V - 420 V
Start voltage DC 75 V
Min. Input voltage of 50 V
Max. input current 15 A
Number of DC inputs (MPPT) 1
output AC
Rated power AC (230V @ 50Hz) 3000
Max. output power of 3100 W
Nominal output current 13 A
Max. output current 13.5 A
The scope of the working voltage of 190 V - 253 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
The frequency range network * 47.5 Hz to 51.5 Hz
Power factor (cos φ) Adjustable 0.8-1.0 (ind./poj.)
THD Efficiency
The maximum efficiency of 97%
MPPT efficiency 95%
Internal surge protection Yes
Monitoring DC isolation Yes
DC side varistors Yes
Monitoring leakage current Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes

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