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Export Promotion Portal

Support for exporters from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region

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Within the framework of "pro-export" activities, entrepreneurs from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship can benefit from free assistance provided by the Investors and Exporters’ Service Centre (COIE) at the Marshal Office in Toruń.

logoang1This applies to both those who have already started their export or investment activity outside Poland and those who plan the commencement of such activities. Through the distribution of requests for quotations among Polish exporters or sharing the contact details of potential recipients from the commercial B2B database the Service Centre can provide effective support in initiating cooperation between Polish companies and entities operating on foreign markets.

Polish companies that seek new clients outside Poland can take advantage of “Foreign requests for quotation exchange”. Current enquiries by importers from around the world interested in Polish export packages are published there on an ongoing basis. Data from the base is provided free of charge.


The Centre also provides all information necessary for starting a business, including intelligence concerning export and investment conditions on foreign markets, cost-free opportunities of Polish export-package promotion on foreign markets (i.a. through the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies) or information regarding active instruments of export support in the fields of finance, services and institutions. Entrepreneurs can also learn about all foreign industry trade fairs and trade missions organised both to and from Poland.


Entrepreneurs can also come to the Kujawsko–Pomorskie Investors and Exporters’ Service Centre with requests for analyses regarding the product, sector of activity and competitive environment on the foreign markets involved. The analysis presents not only the current situation and prospects for development for the relevant product or industry but also the characteristics of competition on a given market. This type of information can facilitate strategic decision-making connected with the planned commencement or development of business activities outside Poland.


Free informational meetings organised for exporters by the Investors and Exporters’ Service Centre and conducted by experienced experts specialising in issues connected with both the legal aspects of international trade and export activity of Polish entities can also prove to be very valuable. These seminars are devoted to diverse topics and have a cross-discipline (e.g. “Polish exports: the conquest of new markets" or "Exports in practice") or focused format concerning one specific issue (e.g. “Pitfalls and errors in Polish-German trade agreements” or “The prospects for the Polish IT/ICT industry’s development in the world”).


In the Investors and Exporters’ Service Centre in Toruń entrepreneurs can learn, if necessary, how to benefit from the SOLVIT intervention system. It is a free system aiming at solving problems resulting from the misapplication of EU laws by the public administration of other Member States. Its mode of operation is based on informal problem solving, which makes this option much quicker in comparison with official procedures. It is assumed that the average time required for the solution of reported problems is only ten weeks. It is important to note that the applicant does not have to accept the solution proposed by SOLVIT. If he/she considers it unsatisfactory he can assert his/her rights in court. It is vital to remember that SOLVIT is not able to tackle an issue when the problem is not of a cross-border nature, when it’s considering relations between entrepreneurs or consumer-entrepreneur relations, or when legal action concerning the case has already been taken.


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