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Meeting with the president of the US-Poland Business Council

Wyślij Drukuj Pobierz dodał: Benedykt Kotkiewicz | 2018-03-15 12:42:55
usa, poland, export, import, agriculture

Secretary of State Zbigniew Babalski met on 22 October with Eric Stewart, president of the US-Poland Business Council.

The meeting was dedicated to the possibilities of development of Polish-American economic cooperation with particular emphasis on the agri-food sector. It was organized in the context of economic events planned for April this year, i.e. American business mission to Poland, and Polish-American Economic Summit.

Issues that were also discussed today included export of Polish agri-food products to the USA, and the possibilities for establishing cooperation by Polish entities.

The US-Poland Business Council was constituted in July 2010, and currently includes about twenty enterprises. The Council’s mission is to promote economic cooperation between the US and Poland through organization of visits of high-ranking government officials, as well as business missions.

According to preliminary statistical data the USA is currently the most important recipient of Polish agri-food products outside the EU: in 2017 the value of exports to the USA amounted to 586.48 million USD, and has increased by nearly 40% compared to 2016.