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Professional Koma Plus line torches include KOMA hose gas regulator

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Anna Zaborowska Łebek
Tel: +48 668 355 054

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PPUH KOMA Sp. z o. o. was established in 1989. Since the very beginning, we have been manufacturing devices for meat processing industry, roofing torches and accessories. Extensive experience in metal processing has allowed us to develop the quality standards and compete with the most advanced specialized products on the market. KOMA is currently the largest manufacturer of those products in Poland and with an ever-growing share in foreign sales, the company thrives and gains recognition both in the EU and Eastern European
Our products are constantly improved based on the internal tests and feedback of our customers. Our offer includes high quality roofing torches and accessories recommended by professional associations. The quality of our products is certified by the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 and numerous awards to further create and promote the brand and company trust.

Informacje uzupełniające

Professional Koma Plus line torches include KOMA hose gas regulator. The 50 mm orr 60mm diffuser and torches connector are made of stainless steel or titanium. Thanks to the new dyfusor’s construction you are able to achieve a greater burning power whilst using less gas. Compatibility of all elements makes it easy to switch between different diffusers and/or lances depending on a given job. The professional handle is fitted with a locking mechanism for constant operation as well as a spinning end which stops the hose from twisting. It is made of durable plastic with high resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures. The flexible bend protection mounted on the hose prevents the bending of the hose and prolongs its lifetime.

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